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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

7 Reasons Why you should Stop Gambling

Gambling which is also known as Betting is the activity of predicting results and placing a wager on the outcome.


1. Gambling is a bad vice: Gambling is a bad vice. It is similar to drug addiction, smoking, and sex. Gambling is against moral standards and it is abhorred by many people. No matter what some people think about gambling as one way of earning money, gambling is still a bad vice by moral standards.

2. Gambling induces crimes: Some people commit crimes to finance their vice. The compulsive gambler will not stop gambling, he will stop but he will always go back to that vice because the vice is already a part of his life and he could not live without gambling. If he has no money to gamble he could steal or commit other crimes just to finance his vice.

3. Gambling Ruins family: Gamblers are hard to reform and what usually happens is that the gambler ends up having no family. Nobody wants to live with a gambler who is moody and who squanders money. So the result is the spouse/Relation could either file for a divorce or just leave the gambling spouse. Many families have been torn apart by gambling.

4. Gamblers Can't Save: Gamblers can't save money, Reason why is said so is because, ever since i started gambling I've never been able to save of which am not the only victim, even a friend of mine.

But ever since i stopped Gambling I've been able to save lots of money to buy my needs.

5. Gambling makes people rude and moody: I have friends who are victims to this, Let's say i was among. I Hardly smile when am losing my money. I remember when i lost $10  by Staking on the team i was 100% sure they'll win and they later lost. Throughout the entire day i didn't talk to anyone cause of this.

6. Gamblers Steal: This part is 100% True, i remember when i stole my Dad's money in order to use it and recover the one i lost but to no avail. This is the main reason why you should stop betting, you might get Burnt for stealing.

7. Gambling is the cause of indolence: Many gamblers are depending on luck of having that jackpot money and so they tend to lose interest in their job. If you think you can win that jackpot money, do not dream of it because the more you long for it the more you will not win it. Look for a job so that you will forget about the vice.


As you can see gambling addictions have many negative aspects. So think before you bet, think before you think you can win the next lottery. I know that the news glorifies those winners, but the odds are not good you will be one. If you want to play around, remember, you are playing around and it can never become serious.

Friday, 22 June 2018

How to Activate Glo Yakata Bonus and Enjoy 6GB Data

1. What is the Glo Yakata SIM?
Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

2. Who is eligible for Glo Yakata?
All new prepaid customers will get Yakata once they activate their lines. Existing customers can subscribe to Yakata by dialing *220#.

3. What benefits do I enjoy on Glo Yakata?
You will enjoy:
  • Up to 6GB FREE data Every Month for 6 months!
  • A whooping 22 times value (2,200%) on every N100 recharge to call ALL NETWORKS

4. How do I get these benefits?
Depending on amount recharged, customer will receive amazing value as follows:

  • You will receive a special data bonus on your first recharge of the month for six months
  • Value in main account as well as value in bonus account can be used to call All networks

5. What is the bonus validity on Yakata?
Bonus received on each recharge is valid for 7 days from recharge date

6. How much do I pay for making calls on Glo Yakata
  •  Glo to Glo calls are charged at 55k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
  •  Calls to other networks are charged at 70k/sec for both main and bonus accounts
  •  SMS is charged at N4/msg from main account and N14/msg from bonus account
7. What happens if there is airtime in my Main account?
Your calls will be charged first from your bonus account. You will only be charged from main account if the bonus account is fully depleted/expires, if you are making international calls or paying for value added services.

8. How do I use the Data Benefit?
If your phone is data enabled, you can start browsing as soon as you recharge and receive confirmation message of your voice and data benefit

9. What happens if I have an existing data plan before recharging?
The Yakata bonus data will be added to your existing data volume and the higher validity period supersedes. For example if you have an existing data plan of 2GB with 30 days validity and you recharge with N200, you will receive 250MB bonus and your new data balance will be 2.25GB with 30 days validity.

10. Will I get Yakata benefits if I recharge with Glo e-Top Up?
Yes, Yakata is available on both physical and e-recharge platforms.

11. How do I know if I have received the Yakata Bonus?
Confirmation messages will be sent to your phone after every recharge. In the unlikely event that a confirmation message is not received, kindly dial *220*1# to view your Yakata bonus.

12. Do I need to dial any special code to start enjoying Yakata SIM Benefits?
All new SIMs are on Yakata by default. Just ensure that your New SIM is properly registered and you will get Yakata benefits on every recharge.

13. I am already a Glo Customer; Can I Subscribe to Yakata?
YES, simply dial *220# to subscribe.

14. What if I want to migrate to another Glo Plan?
Simply dial the code of the plan you are migrating to. First migration within a month is free; subsequent migrations within the same month attract a charge of N100 per migration.

15. What happens if I exhaust my Yakata Voice Bonus?
All your calls will be charged from your main account upon exhaustion or expiration of your voice bonus until your next recharge.

16. What if I’m unable to consume all my Yakata Bonus within the Validity Days
Unused bonus cannot be carried over unless another recharge is made within the 7 days bonus validity period.

17. Can I accumulate my Yakata bonuses?
YES, every recharge you make will increase the total airtime balance in your Yakata bonus account.

18. Can bonus validity days be accumulated?
NO, Maximum available bonus validity days at any time is 7 days

19. Can the bonus airtime be used to subscribe for any value added service?
NO, all value added service subscriptions will be charged from main account

20. Can I make international calls with the bonus?
NO, all international calls will be charged from main account.

21. Can I share my Yakata bonus with another Glo customer?
NO, any value in the bonus account is not shareable or transferrable.

22. Is Yakata a promotional offer?
NO. Yakata is a tariff plan and customers will continue to enjoy the plan benefits so long as they remain on Yakata.

NOTE: This article is directly from Glo Rule your world.

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