Tuesday, 10 July 2018

How to Activate Window 7 Ultimate


Due to too many questions from my friends concerning how to Activate window 7 Ultimate, I decided to post it here on Way2net.

1. Windows Loader v2.2, you can download it HERE
2. Easy Unrar
3. Laptop/Desktop you want to Activate.

Now let's get started, after downloading Windows Loader also download Easy Unrar.exe in other to Open Windows Loader.

STEP 1: Open Windows Loader >> Click the first folder "Windows.loader..." after Opening it you'll see something similar to one in the image below

STEP 2: Click the one i highlighted in the image above, a new window will pop up asking you for your Password, use windows as the passkey, another window will pop up asking you to choose between YES or NO, choose YES then Click Install.

After finished installing, Reboot Your System.

That's All.

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