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My Friends on Facebook and in Real life have been asking me between Income Platform and Income platform which one is the best. So i decided to publish their reviews here Way2net NG.

Reviews of Income Platform: 

1: costs N1,600 for Registration and this is a one time payment, once you pay the first time you won't have to pay again and within a month you can earn more than you used in Registering.

Rating: Bad compared to Wakanda

2. has over 42,552 Members and 125,210 Topics, this proves that they've been on the business for a very long time.

Rating: Good

3. have their own Adnetwork that pays them when people click on it and the money they make from it is part of the money they use in paying their users.

Rating: Good

4. pays on 27th of every month.

Rating: Bad

5. You can only Create one account with your Email Address on NNU Income platform, it doesn't support multiple accounts in 1 email. 

Rating: Not really bad

6. You earn N100 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the website.

Rating: Good

7. They are no hidden charges on

Rating: Good

8. pays N1,000 per referal, that's when you are doing their Affiliate Program.

Rating: Good

9. When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn N50 or more depending on daily revenue share.

Rating: Good

Reviews of Wakanda Nation Income Platform:

1. Charges N1,300 for Registration and this is a one time payment, you don't have to pay again after paying for the first time.

Rating: Good

2. Has just 2293 members, 801 topics this shows that they're younger than or that they have few users compared to

Rating: Bad compared to

3. Has no Ad Network of their own, they're using Google Ads of which anything can happen anytime.

Rating: Not really bad

4. They're no hidden charges on Income Platform.

Rating: Good

5. You can't create Multiple accounts with one email address, same as

Rating: Not really bad

6. Wakanda Nation also pays N1,000 per referal when you are doing their Affiliate Program.

Rating: Good

7. Pays every Sunday that's 7 days in a week.

Rating: Good 

That's all i can provide for now and if you ask me i would say that is better but, Wakanda Nation is also good.

I like more than because of their 7 day(s) payment Lol, but this doesn't stop from being the best.  

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Thanks for this review, though I wish to also let you know that there is another site that doesn't charge anything for registration and yet they pay more than the two you just reviewed. I joined them last week and have made 5k already from it, you can also join the site by clicking here. Also from your review you said that uses their own ad network instead of Google adsense, my brother it is not more than a month Google banned Nnu. Ng from adsense and even since then the website investment has been shaky!

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