Sunday, 24 September 2017

Top 5 Ways Of Securing a Wordpress Site or Blog

Due to complaints of site hacking I decided to share the top 5 ways I was able to secure my wordpress website.

Let’s go straight to the point


1. KEEPING IT CURRENT: One of the biggest security vulnerabilities in Wordpress is Old software. Wordpress is updated fairly often and whenever there’s a new security issue they roll out an Update immediately. But that doesn’t do you any good if you're not keeping your installation up to date. You also need to keep your themes and plugins up to date.

Sometimes people put off updates for fear of scattering their site, but you’d rather scatter your site with an update than loosing it to a hacker.

2. USING STRONG PASSWORDS: Your security is only as good as your password so you need to use strong passwords. Your password should have numbers, capitals, special characters for example @, #, *, etc. and should be long and unique. Don’t use the same password in multiple places. Yes, remembering different passwords for different sites is tough I can’t even remember the password of my toy website, but a hacked site is worse.

3. MANAGING USERS: Your own strong password is useless if another Admin has a weak one. You need to manage your users. Remember to update or remove users when you have staff transitions.

4. ALWAYS BACK IT UP: You should always backup the contents on your website/blog everyday. To do this you need a Wordpress Backup Plugin Jetpack is advisable and don’t forget to set your Backup plugin to automatic.

5. USING SECURITY PLUGIN: you can assist your own security with a top Wordpress security plugin such as ALL IN ONE WP SECURITY & FIREWALL, iThemes Security etc

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