Sunday, 21 January 2018

[Hot]How you can trace a person location by using their mobile numbers or WhatsApp??

When your mobile phone is switched on, your cellular network provider knows your exact location. Some mobile phone still sends signal to towers even when they are turned off.
Before you will start to build your own Mobile Number Locator, you must have an extensive knowledge of howMobile Phones,OperatorsandCell-sitesoperates to decide if you want to continue the implementation.To save you some time, below are some useful terminologies to keep in mind; MCC, MNC IMSI, CID, LAC.
Mobile country code or MCC and mobile network code or MNC

Are often used in combination to identify a phone number’s operator in the mobile telephone network.
The combination of MCC and MNC is called HNI or Home Network Identity
SIM card identifies with mobile network using the IMSI, which is made up of the MCC + MNC + IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity.
Radio cells identify them selves with MCC+ MNC + Location Area Code + CellID
A Cell ID or CID) is a generally unique number used to identify each base transceiver station (BTS) or sector of a BTS within a location area code (LAC) .
LAC or Location Area Code is given an unique number within mobile network, the Location Area Code (LAC). This code is used as a unique reference for the location of a mobile subscriber.
There are many API that will return this information to your application upon providing a Mobile Phone number.
Let’s see how Mobile Phone Triangulation works.
Take a look at a cell tower below.
It shaped like a triangle. This is why:
Each side of the triangle is called a sector. These sectors are labelled by the Greek letters alpha, beta, and gamma (a, ß, Y). Within each sector, the tower can see how far away a connected cellphone is. Which allows it to “trace” the cell phone: by detecting which sector it is connected to, and how far away the cellphone is.
Above is a sample image of these sectors, with the cell phone tower being in the center.
We can assume that our target is connected to sector gamma, and is in the number 4 range. Then we know that the cellphone is somewhere in the by yellow marked area, see below image:
What happen when a cell phone connected to two towers?
When a cell phone is connected to 2 towers that overlap each other at the same time we can further increase our accuracy in tracing the phone.
For example, the cell phone is connected to the blue tower’s sector alpha and is at the 5’th band (5 miles) in distance, while it is also connected to the orange tower’s gamma sector and is in the 4’th band of distance (4 miles) of the orange tower, we can trace the cell phone really accurately by comparing the 2 results of the 2 towers, as shown below:
The Triangulation occurs when a 3rd tower is brought into action, we get what is called a “triangulation”. In this case, we can trace the cell phone accurately, as shown below:
Now, you can see, that the mobile phone is now within the red circle. If it moves to the left, it enters the green tower’s band 6. If it moves right, it enters the green tower’s band 4. If it moves down, it enters the green tower’s gamma sector and also enters band 4 of the blue tower.
When your mobile phone is switched on, your cellular network provider knows exactly where you are in the world.
Similar technology is used to track down lost aircraft and yachts through their radio beacons. It’s not identical, because most radio beacons use satellites while cell phones uses land-based aerial arrays, however the principle is similar.
whenever your phone is switched on, whether you’re using it or not, it sends out a check signal (heartbeat / beacons) to cell towers periodically which identifies location of the phone by the connected cell sites / towers.
Now, that we have a basic knowledge of how cell tower works, it’s possible to use an API to retrieve information of a mobile phone or device and connected cell ids, then compute the distances from those cell ids using the information returned by the API.
This may be accomplished by using the k-nearest neighbors algorithm + distance calculator.
Using the k-nearest neighbor algorithm to find the nearest neighbor of a point k (your phone number), then compute the distances between the indexes (cell ids) and the point k.
Source : Techsload Baze

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Airtel Daily Free Facebook Browsing Now Limited At 20MB Daily

Finally the most used Facebook free service have been capped at 20MB data instead of the unlimited we used to get before.

Facebook free basics allows users to browse and chat on the popular messaging app for free without paying a dime for the access. Meanwhile, pictures and videos are not visible when on the free mode

Over the years, Facebook is only available on Airtel and 9mobile networks in Nigeria and now,
only Airtel network has seriously reduced the data to capped at 20MB and who knows if 9mobile will as well follow suite.

According to the text message sent round, users will now be given only 20MB only to access free facebook everyday.

The message goes thus:
“Dear customers, please be informed
that free Facebook is now capped at 20MB daily. For unlimited Facebook experience, dial *141# to activate a data plan.”

Once you exhaust the free 20MB, you won't be able to chat or do anything else on Facebook until the next day where you'll be given another 20MB, or simply subscribe to a data plan. So, 9Mobile is a good alternative.

Please don't bother to use the trick of
viewing photos on free facebook now that it's been capped at 20MB - the data will disappear in the twinkle of an eye.

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Stylish Alexa Rank Widget Code for Wapka, Xtgem, Wapkiz and Lot More

Having Alexa Rank Widget On your website is one of the best methods used in boosting Alexa Ranking.

Below is how it Looks,

Simply copy the code Below and Paste it On Your Website or Blog.

Don't forget to clean and insert your website's Address there.


Add Website to Bing HTML Code for Wapka, Wapkiz and Xtgem

Add Website to Google HTML Code for Wapka, Xtgem and Wapkiz

Source Code Viewer Code for Wapka, Wapkiz and Xtgem

Its great to have a Source Code Viewer on your Website cause people love something like this especially webmasters.

Here's the code below,

Just copy the above code and paste on your site HTML/WML Box, Thats all.

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Friday, 15 December 2017

How to Change Transfer Pin on MTN

Changing a transfer pin on MTN is not big deal at all.

Simply Go to your phone MESSAGES > CREATE NEW then write 0000 1234 1234, after writing this send it to 777.

After the whole process you'll receive a text message which will tell you that your transfer pin has been changed successfully.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

5 Easy Steps to Open a Bitcoin Wallet On your Phone

STEP 1: Go to and click on wallet after the page opens

STEP 2: Click create a free bitcoin wallet

STEP 3: .Enter the required information then tick to agree terms of service and click continue

STEP 4: Click start receiving bitcoins

STEP 5: Copy your new bitcoin wallet address somewhere safe and easily accessible.

That’s all.

Now that you have a bitcoin wallet you can transfer bitcoin dollars into it by purchasing from local exchange partners like naira4dollar or instantgoldng.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Open a PAYEER Account

Below are the 10 Reasons why you should Open a PAYEER account Now,

1. PAYEER can be used in over 200 countries, including Nigeria and India, of course.

2. PAYEER offers good customer support through ticket systems.

3. PAYEER does not discriminate against Nigerians. All their services and tools are available to Nigerians.

4. You can open a PAYEER account right now and start using it to send or receive PAYEER in US dollars, Euros or Rubles (with no limits).

5. PAYEER has offices in Scotland, Georgia and Moscow. They are regulated by National Bank of Georgia.

6. PAYEER allows you to use your account for business (including exchange). You can even choose to personalize your account as a business account, provided you have the relevant documents to show for that.

7. PAYEER offers various forms of funding and withdrawal.

8. When your account is personalized/verified, you can also deposit and withdraw using SWIFT.

9. PAYEER alexa ranking (online traffic) is higher than that of Neteller, or even Perfect Money.

10. You can apply for PAYEER MasterCard and use it for local and international withdrawals through ATMs.

To open a PAYEER account and/or get familiar with their services, please visit:

To Buy or Sell PAYEER, please visit:

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How to Unblock Your Blocked Link on Facebook

I received a message few hours ago from someone who claimed to have mined my phone number from the Internet. I am glad I did because it drew my attention back to the time when I had a problem on Facebook and how I solved it.

What's the Problem I Had with Facebook?

My blog link was banned in Facebook Probably because of my activities. I believe it can be categorized as spamming

For example, if i post a link from my blog on Facebook, it won't appear or even If i try to share something on Facebook using the share button on my blog, facebook would stop me. It was all annoying and frustrating.

Initially, I ignored it but not for long. I knew that I had to get my link back on Facebook if am serious about publicity and it took me quite sometime to get to this resolution something I hope you don't dwell too much on.

Sadly, I didn't make any documentations in terms of posts like this on how I solved the problem! So am making it now.

I can assure you though that am making it from memory which have been stored for maybe a year now so it's not as concrete as it should be. However, it will serve as a simple guide and that's all you need because if you have been a webmaster for sometime, you won't really need much detailed directions to navigate Facebook.

How I Unblocked my Blog Url on Facebook

If your link is banned, it's not difficult to detect. It won't just appear click able. And when you try updating your status with your blog link in it, facebook will send you a notification that the link is suspicious and cannot be included in the post[or something similar].

Also, Facebook will provide you with a link to read more and take actions. Simply follow this link.
You'll be asked a series of questions, for example, "is this your blog?" Or "are you sharing a random article you found on the Web?"

It's simple, tell the truth about it all, or at least for the most part where Facebook can easily verify because I think they do some serious manual review before they can unban your link. For example, if you respond negative to the first question above, facebook can easily scan your website for any direct link to your Facebook account. If there is a link... You know the rest!

Once you are done with the review, submit and wait patiently.
Your website url should be unbanned.

If you got no reply and still can't share your website link on Facebook, simply repeat the process above.

Continue until you either loose your Facebook account or your blog url is unbanned that's just how it works.

Like I said earlier, I made this post from memory. I didn't imagine I'll be writing this so I didn't take time to grab the details. But this guide is enough to take you through most of it!

How to Avoid Facebook Website link Ban

1. The easiest way to avoid such is by not sharing your site's link excessively on Facebook - spamming.

2. Using Link shortening service: I don't think that Facebook can ban such websites because they are not just providing service for one person but for virtually everyone including Facebook[users].

So, you can shorten your website link before sharing to avoid getting banned.

Don't forget not to spam Facebook and must you spam, be smart else you loose it all.

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How to Install Free SSL Certificate On Abollyhost

In this tutorial, i will show you how to install free SSL Certificate on without facing any challenges.

STEP 1: Login to your Cpanel Account with the detail sent to you by Abollyhost Admin during Registration.

STEP 2: Locate SECURITY MENU, Under it you will see Let Enscript's SSL Click it and continue.

STEP 3: You will see all your site domain name, thick all the box infront, and click INSTALL to continue.

STEP 4: You will be redirected to a page with a notification, that you have successfully install SSL CERTIFICATE on your domain.

Make sure you install all your script and data to be configure on https://.